Bad Parenting Advice From Young NHL Stars

upper deck video young nhl stars bad parenting advice

Parents look for all kinds of advice – from family members, from professionals, from online resources, etc. Hopefully none of them look to young NHL players for insight…

Flashback Video: NHL star throws his stick to a young fan, and all hell breaks loose!

Anaheim Ducks fans fight over hockey stick

Let’s set the scene here: in November 2009, the Anaheim Ducks hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning, with veteran defenseman Scott Niedermayer scoring the winning goal in overtime to lead the home team to victory. Before skating over for a post-game interview at the bench, he swings by the glass and tries to give his hockey […]

Amazing new Montreal Canadiens playoff montage video will get any NHL fan pumped up

4-13-2015 12-48-44 PM

Tim Thompson has done it again, folks. Thompson (@b0undless on Twitter) has released a playoff montage video for the Montreal Canadiens that will have Habs fans rabid with anticipation for Game 1 of their series against the Ottawa Senators, scheduled for Wednesday evening. And using a Robin Williams speech from Dead Poets Society? Just magic… […]