A heartwarming hockey gear story: Michigan firefighter gets stolen hockey equipment replaced via donations

They say no good deed goes unpunished, right? Recently, a firefighter in Ann Arbor, Michigan was trying to help an accident victim, but had his hockey gear stolen for his trouble. This, from AnnArbor.com:

Maguire was off duty and was driving home in rural western Washtenaw County when he saw a car on its side burning near the intersection of Dancer and Jackson roads in Lima Township late on the evening of Sept. 25.

The car had sped off an I-94 bridge overhead, landed in the street and burst into flames. Maguire kicked out the back window, and, together with others who had stopped, pulled the woman from the car and to the side of the road.

Despite their attempts to stabilize and save her, 57-year-old Michelle Adriann Stoj of Willis was pronounced dead at the scene at 9:30 p.m.

While Maguire had worked to save Stoj’s life, someone made off with his hockey gear. The bag full of roughly $500 worth of hockey equipment fell out the back of the truck and was taken from the scene.

I can’t imagine what would compel someone to steal a rescue worker’s hockey equipment like that, but the great news here is that the community rallied together and replaced Maguire’s gear through a variety of donations. Maguire even received enough to pass on almost $1,000 to the family of the lady who perished in the accident. Shame on whoever took Maguire’s hockey bad, and kudos to the folks who helped him out.

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