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Helping you find the right hockey equipment, at the right price!

HockeyGearHQ.com features news and reviews of hockey equipment, accessories and apparel, along with articles on current topics such as player endorsement signings, and NHL jerseys updates.

My goal is to help hockey players and fans make better decisions about the hockey gear they need, and find the best deals when it’s time to buy. I keep track of what sales and coupon codes are being offered by major online retailers, and share those both within the articles on this site, and via our Facebook page. All too often, it’s hard to get a good comparison of one brand against another, or understand the practical difference between the various options within a given brand. That’s what I hope to cut through here at Hockey Gear HQ.

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About Dirk Hoag

Dirk Hoag started writing about hockey online back in the mid-1990′s, for sites such as the (long-gone) In the Crease and e-Sports.com. In 2005, he started On The Forecheck as a general NHL blog, which became, over the course of time, dedicated to Nashville Predators coverage and statistical analysis of the league at large. In 2010, he launched Hockey Gear HQ, devoted to covering the world of hockey equipment, accessories and apparel, and in 2011 added the site as a member of the Hockey Community, a network designed to help make the game more accessible to its players.

He lives in Medford, New Jersey, with his wife Amy, three kids, two dogs, and some no-longer-stinky hockey equipment in the garage, the remnants of a sputtering rec-league career that refuses to die!

You can follow him on Twitter (at @HockeyGearHQ for info related to this site, or @Forechecker for general hockey stuff), email him at dirkhoag@hockeygearHQ.com, or view his profile at LinkedIn.

About OnTheForecheck.com

After a short stint as part of Kukla’s Korner, OtF joined of the SB Nation community of sports blogs in February 2009. OnTheForecheck.com offers a rich environment for keeping up with Nashville Predators news, debating ongoing issues related to the team, or just enjoying games together in the ever-lively Game Threads.

Some unique features you can find at OtF each season are the Alternative NHL Awards (highlighting the most-penalized players in the game), the NHL Super Schedule (which compiles the miles traveled and number of back-to-back games each team faces), and up-to-date coverage of the Nashville Predators using statistical analysis tools which have been developed in the hockey blogging world over the last several years.

Thanks in large part to a growing editorial staff, OtF features Previews, open discussion threads, and recaps for every Nashville Predators game, including video highlights and advanced statistical results.

You can keep up with OtF on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OnTheForecheck.

Notes, Quotes & Awards

OtF has been named as Best Sports Blog in Nashville, and also a Top 10 NHL blog by Sports Media Challenge, which monitors sports blogs and social media conversations on behalf of teams and leagues.

“The Nashville Predators may be one of the newer NHL teams, but that hasn’t kept On the Forecheck from moving into the top 10. Dirk Hoag consistently writes multiple posts each day, giving Predator fans fresh content throughout the day.” – Sports Media Challenge

If you spot a Nashville Predators #35 Forechecker jersey at an NHL arena, make sure to say hi!


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