Bauer hockey gear dominates the Stanley Cup Final

According to a press release this morning, Bauer Hockey’s gear is the brand of choice when it comes to the players in this year’s Stanley Cup Final, providing the equipment for a majority of the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins when it comes to sticks, skates, helmets, gloves and pants. Just check out the table below to see how dominant Bauer’s position is here:

1. Bauer Р84% 1. Bauer Р53% 1. Bauer Р61% 1. Bauer Р61% 1. Bauer Р56%
2. CCM – 11% 2. Easton – 25% 2. CCM – 17% 2. Warrior – 14% 2. Reebok – 17%
3. Reebok – 5% 3. Warrior – 14% 3. Reebok – 14% 3. Easton – 14% 3. CCM – 11%
4. Reebok – 5% 4. Easton – 8% 4. Reebok – 5% 4. Easton – 11%
5. CCM – 3% 5. CCM – 3% 5. Warrior – 5%
5. Rebellion – 3%

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