The Business of Sports: Comparing the NHL to NFL, NBA, MLB & more

How does the National Hockey League stack up against the NFL, NBA, MLB, and other major sports organizations? How does the sports industry break down in terms of how many people work in various aspects of the business? The answers might surprise you.

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The Super Bowl, March Madness, the World Series, the NBA championship, NASCAR – it’s no secret that mega-sporting events generate billions in revenue, from advertising to endorsements to ticket sales. Americans and people the world over seem to have few limits when it comes to ponying up dollars for their favorite sports.

But where does all of that money go? Who profits from fans’ intense love of baseball, basketball and football? Everyone knows that star athletes make tens of millions each year, but the leagues and team owners also rack in the big bucks. Profits differ among the professional sports leagues, from the National Football League at the top to NASCAR at the bottom.

Sports are also a big part of the American economy. In addition to the athletes themselves, millions of people make their living from sports, serving as coaches, stadium staff, physical therapists and even sporting goods store clerks.

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The Business of Sports: NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB revenue and profits

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