Why you should buy your authentic & replica NHL jerseys online

Hockey jerseys are the typical fan’s badge of honor, their sign of allegiance to a team or an individual player. What fan doesn’t have a jersey in the closet for wearing to a game, or viewing party, or better yet, for a friendly game of street hockey in the neighborhood?

When it comes to buying a new jersey, going online can be the best way to go for a lot of folks. The advantages are many:

  • If you want to add a name and number, most online vendors can do that as part of your order, making it much easier to have the jersey delivered exactly as you like it.
  • Online vendors typically have a wider selection of styles and sizes, which is great if you really want an authentic jersey, your favorite team isn’t necessarily the local one, or you need a particularly large or small size.
  • At times there are special offers available which allow you to save money off the retail price (in fact, later on I’ll share one such deal with you).

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Reebok EDGE Authentic vs. Premier Replica Jerseys

The first decision you’ll want to make is whether you’re looking for an authentic NHL jersey, or whether a replica is good enough. The authentics, as the name implies, are as close as you’ll get to what the players are really wearing on the ice. They include the water-repellent fabric, reinforced stitching along the seams, and even the “tie-down” strap on the inside of the back, so you can avoid having your sweater pulled over your head when the going gets tough out on the concourse.

You have to pay for all that authenticity, however, to the tune of $250-300 for a typical blank (no name or number) authentic jersey. If you’re a stickler for detail, however, you can’t beat the Reebok Edge Authentic.

A more affordable option is the Reebok Premier Replica, which looks like the real thing, but doesn’t include all of the features of the authentic. In most hockey markets, the majority of jerseys you’ll see people wearing at a game are the replicas, so you certainly don’t have to worry about looking out of place. A replica can run anywhere from $100-150 before customization, so it’s probably the way to go for most fans.

Jersey Customization – adding a name & number

I customized my Nashville Predators jersey with IceJerseys.com.

Another problem with buying jerseys at a retail store is that customization is often expensive or cumbersome. If they happen to offer customization services on-site, that comes at a pretty steep price. If they need to send the jerseys to an outside service to get names & numbers put on, that introduces delay, and also the risk that something can get fouled up as your order gets handed off to another vendor, and returned back eventually to the store.

Plus, you have the added risk that the store (or their outside service) may not use the appropriate design or materials; why pay all that money for a nice jersey to have the look ruined by generic-looking lettering, or iron-on numbers that start peeling off over time?

Ordering online, however, makes this go much more smoothly. Since the online vendors are dealing in greater quantities, they can offer customization services directly at an affordable cost. Adding a name and number can be part of their regular order flow, and by entering the details yourself, you don’t have to worry about someone’s handwriting getting misinterpreted, or other errors which can crop up.

Simply put, it’s usually easier and/or cheaper to get your favorite name & number applied by the online retailer, and get your jersey delivered exactly how you want it.


An online retailer is likely to have a broader array of selection & sizes, due to the greater customer base that they’re serving. If you’re looking for big & tall sizes, or youth/toddler offerings, sites like IceJerseys.com are a better bet to have you covered than your local brick & mortar store, for example.

Discounts & Deals

Online retailers often have special deals and discounts on offer for savvy customers, and that’s something I can help keep you updated on via our Hockey Gear HQ email newsletter. Just sign up using the form over in the right-hand sidebar, and I’ll share two hockey coupon codes with you right away.

For now, I’ll also share one such deal with you, which you can take advantage of by using the following link:

SAVE 10% off all purchases over $75 at IceJerseys.com!

I think you’ll find that it’s usually easier and more affordable to get exactly the jersey you want, the way you want it, by working with a reputable online retailer. Feel free to take a look for yourself, and you’ll be impressed with just how straightforward the process is. The table below includes more coupon information from Ice Jerseys, as well as updates on recent items which have seen price drops, in case you’re looking for a deal.

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  1. I’m going to submit your pic to Puck Daddy as a Jersey Foul! J/K. Good article. Going to wait until Suter signs a long term deal before getting a name on my jersey. Hate getting a name then the player leaves a year or two later.

    • That’s funny, KB, I’m a bit surprised that he hasn’t called me out before! Sometimes I think it’s OK to go ahead and get that customization done if you really like a particular player. I’m originally from Detroit, and I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t see any other customized Red Wings jerseys quite like mine (#2, Fetisov). I got it during the 1997 Stanley Cup run.

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