NHL Super Schedule 2014-15: Travel Miles by Team

For the first time since the 2008-9 season, when I first started analyzing NHL travel miles for each league season, the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes will lead the NHL in miles traveled during the upcoming 2014-15 season, with 49,818 miles. The NHL released the complete Regular Season schedule earlier today, so for the seventh straight year I’ve put together data on travel mileage and the number of games played on back-to-back nights by each NHL team, the main factors people use when talking about the burden of travel in professional hockey.

For all the details on this season, as well as how they compare to the last two full seasons, consult the table below (click on the column headings to re-sort the table by that value). If you have a blog or website and wish to use this information, feel free to copy & paste the table below, all I ask is that you include the sourcing information at the bottom.

 Team  2014-15 Miles  2014-15 B-to-B  2013-14 Miles  2013-14 B-to-B  2011-12 Miles  2011-12 B-to-B
 Arizona Coyotes  49,818  13  52,633  12  49,192  13
 Dallas Stars  48,216  12  46,660  13  49,622  14
 Anaheim Ducks  46,967  13  48,568  14  50,296  13
 Edmonton Oilers  45,597  11  45,192  12  50,006  12
 San Jose Sharks  45,318  11  57,612  10  43,994  14
 Vancouver Canucks  45,173  12  48,510  17  46,826  11
 Colorado Avalanche  44,167  12  49,007  10  48,945  10
 Los Angeles Kings  44,100  9  48,432  14  55,591  15
 Florida Panthers  42,786  12  45,136  14  52,751  14
 Nashville Predators  42,096  11  39,810  15  39,534  11
 Winnipeg Jets  42,027  9  46,477  10  44,627  13
 Minnesota Wild  41,178  13  44,273  13  42,860  11
 Carolina Hurricanes  40,800  16  38,879  20  38,114  16
 Chicago Blackhawks  40,074  15  38,680  18  39,288  17
 St. Louis Blues  38,965  14  39,328  13  38,781  17
 Boston Bruins  38,938  16  42,389  17  33,770  13
 Calgary Flames  38,874  10  48,970  12  49,104  10
 Tampa Bay Lightning  37,221  12  43,102  12  43,717  10
 Montreal Canadiens  37,135  16  39,327  17  39,174  13
 Buffalo Sabres  37,022  19  34,812  13  35,911  21
 Washington Capitals  36,487  16  36,250  17  37,969  13
 New York Rangers  36,113  13  29,839  13  36,385  14
 Columbus Blue Jackets  35,139  19  36,597  17  42,831  16
 Detroit Red Wings  34,179  12  35,324  15  42,865  14
 Toronto Maple Leafs  34,020  18  35,975  16  32,239  17
 New Jersey Devils  33,597  18  33,151  22  28,597  15
 Ottawa Senators  33,421  13  34,850  16  33,915  17
 New York Islanders  33,214  16  29,933  18  32,410  13
 Pittsburgh Penguins  32,444  17  37,061  17  33,439  15
 Philadelphia Flyers  31,272  14  34,929  14  34,193  13
Source: Hockey Gear HQ

Note: The details behind this year’s Super Schedule are also available as a Google Spreadsheet, free to download & copy for your own use.
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