“Behind The Moves” book review: A unique look at NHL general managers

Can you name the only general manager in NHL history to win a Stanley Cup with more than one team?

Probably not, and that’s just one example of how GM’s labor in relative obscurity in the National Hockey League.

Players’ and head coaches’ accomplishments are well-known and celebrated, but how much do we really know about the way GM’s work, and what the members of this elite group really say about each other? A fantastic new book, Behind The Moves, gives you a look into the world of the NHL General Manager…
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DVD release of HBO’s "24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road To The NHL Winter Classic" set for December 6, 2011

Penguins Capitals 24/7 DVD

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HBO is getting the word out today that the DVD version of their acclaimed 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road To The NHL Winter Classic miniseries covering the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals as they prepared for, and met in, the 2011 Winter Classic, will come out on December 6th. While the retail price will be $19.98, you can already place pre-orders at Amazon.com for $16.99 instead, and if you combine your order with other goods bringing your total to $25 or more, they’ll throw in free shipping. [Read more…]

The Art of Scouting, a Hockey Gear HQ book review

The Art of Scouting by Shane Malloy
Scouting is the NHL’s great “dark art”, a behind-the-scenes endeavor that acts as the lifeline for each team’s hockey operations department. Despite its critical role, however, scouts are generally kept far from the limelight. In most markets, fans would be hard-pressed to name more than one or two members of their favorite team’s scouting staff. Instead, draft evaluations typically are laid at the feet of the general manager, or assistant general manager. [Read more…]

Father’s Day Gift Idea #8: Hockey books for Dad

With Father’s Day approaching on June 19, 2011, now’s the time to start thinking ahead for gift ideas, and a solid option every year is a good hockey book or two. After all, it doesn’t just allow Dad the opportunity to delve deeper into the game, but it also gives him a warning flag to wave and say “can’t you see I’m reading?” For many dads, a healthy dose of piece and quiet is as good as gold. [Read more…]