How to cope with the Stanley Cup Playoffs: NHL team Puck Flasks

If your favorite NHL team is still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I’m guessing you’re pretty stressed out these days. Overtime games, controversial hits, sensational goals and bone-headed gaffes will send you on an emotional roller coaster for as long as two months, if you’re lucky.

For those of you who might need a little Liquid Courage in order to make it through, check out these NHL team-themed puck flasks, available for most teams in either silver or black. Whether you’re cheering on your hometown heroes as they drive towards the championship or coping with defeat as they get eliminated, these NHL Puck Flasks are the hockey fan’s way to raise a toast to their team. [Read more…]

NHL Player Snuggies – coming to a couch near you

As featured on Puck Daddy yesterday, the oddball item in this year’s hockey-lovers Christmas lineup is the NHL Player Comfy Throw, basically a fleece blanket with sleeves (aka a Snuggie), but this time made with a design that makes it look like you’re dressed up in full regalia, ready to hit the ice for your favorite team. Really!

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Pittsburgh Penguins Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Black

St. Louis Blues Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Royal Blue

Detroit Red Wings Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Red

Buffalo Sabres Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Navy Blue

New Jersey Devils Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Black/Red

Philadelphia Flyers Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Black/Orange

Boston Bruins Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Black

Chicago Blackhawks Unisex Player Comfy Throw – Red

So what do you think? Is this a novel addition to the holiday shopping list, or the lamest of marketing gimmicks?

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Brian McGrattan’s Season, Perhaps Career, Saved by Cut-Proof Kevlar Socks

Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks

Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks, available at Hockey Monkey

Brian McGrattan of the Calgary Flames had a close call last night during a pre-season game against the New York Rangers, hobbling off the ice at the end of the 2nd period, but returning for the 3rd and finishing the game. Afterward, he took a picture and shared it via Twitter, giving thanks to a piece of protective gear which is only now starting to become commonplace around the hockey world:

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Cut-resistant kevlar socks (such as the Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks shown above) are worn like regular athletic socks, and provide a good degree of protection in the case of a skate blade slicing at an otherwise-unprotected calf. While there is no guarantee of complete protection, the severity of injuries that are seen from time to time due to skate cuts makes a kevlar sock one of the most valuable additions to a hockey player’s protective equipment, whether you’re a professional like Brian McGrattan or just a beer leaguer playing late on a weekend night.

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Buy a Reebok Hockey Bag, Save Big on New Equipment

Getting a new equipment bag can be a nice treat for a hockey player, but how much cooler is it to get one packed with new skates, pants, and shoulder pads, too?

The mad discounters at Hockey Monkey are on the case this week with a special sale to help you do just that! [Read more…]

Odor Gladiator keeps your game (and your hockey bag) fresh

Say hello to my little friend

Hockey players are tough. They can deal with a great many things to enjoy the game they love – pain, hard work, the expense putting together an assortment of equipment & accessories, and even that signature smell that comes from our bag the day (or the week) after your last session on the ice.

Back in my college days, my beer-league buddies had one word that captured the spirit of this olfactory horror – THE STENCH.

Now, most of us players can handle The Stench, but those around us? The spouses, significant others, kids, and animals in our lives aren’t so understanding. That’s where the Odor Gladiator steps in… [Read more…]

Spot sports concussions earlier with the Impact Indicator

Battle Sports Science Battlesmart Impact Indicator Chin Cup at Hockey MonkeyThe hockey or football player in your family may be too tough for his or her own good, putting them at risk of serious injury from sports concussions.

Playing through pain and fatigue is part of the game, and the drive to persevere is one of those things which makes team sports so special.

But after a hard hit to the head, there are times when “playing through the fog” can be extremely dangerous.

Sports Concussions – hard to spot, easy to deny

Your child likely won’t even know if they have suffered a concussion.

Even though they know they took a hard hit, they may not want to let their teammates down.

There are any number of reasons why a youth hockey or football player may want to return to action right away, and even with the most dedicated trainers and coaches on hand, it’s simply impossible to proactively identify every player who should be checked for concussion symptoms before continuing.

But what if there were a way to put a spotlight on such children, so they don’t put themselves unnecessarily at risk?

That’s where the Battle Sports Science  and the Impact Indicator come in… [Read more…]

Where to buy Nashville Predators hats online

The Nashville Predators are once again defying expectations by muscling their way into contention alongside the great powers of the NHL’s Western Conference, and in anticipation of another playoff run, fans are gearing up with new Preds apparel. Especially with the introduction of an updated logo and color scheme (featuring the “Predators Gold”) for the 2011-2012 NHL season, the Predators have entered a new era, and whether you’re heading down to Bridgestone Arena to take in a game, or just gathering together with friends to watch them in action, it’s time for some new headgear!
[Read more…]

Under Armour extends Free Shipping offer for limited time

Under Armour Free Shipping Promo Code

Have you thought about adding performance apparel like Under Armour to your hockey gear, but have hesitated because you don’t see many hockey-related items at your local athletic store? Thanks to a Free Shipping promo code that’s become available, now’s the time to surf through their tremendous collection online, and see what a difference modern athletic wear can really make – trust me, once you do, you won’t want to go back to that nasty t-shirt which you’ve been wearing under your equipment for the last several years… [Read more…]

Under Armour offers Free Shipping in time for Christmas

Under Armour, the leading brand in performance undergarments for hockey as well as all other sports, has rolled out two special, limited-time offers on Free Shipping which can help you get those last-minute items delivered in time for Christmas as long as you use the following promo codes… [Read more…]

Calgary Flames-themed Reebok ZigLite running shoes

Running shoes are always a great gift idea for the active Calgary Flames fan in your life, and these Flames-themed Reebok ZigLite NHL running shoes are a perfect way to combine personal development with the pride of being a Calgary hockey fan. Although, who’s kidding, they’re also a great way to invest in your own well-being, too!

There’s a tremendous motivational boost one gets by bringing your pride in the Calgary Flames to your exercise routine. While pushing hard through the tough miles and stretching your own personal boundaries, it can help to visualize some of your favorite Flames like Jarome Iginla or Alex Tanguay fighting their way through the opposition on their way to a highlight-reel goal. [Read more…]