Odor Gladiator keeps your game (and your hockey bag) fresh

Say hello to my little friend

Hockey players are tough. They can deal with a great many things to enjoy the game they love – pain, hard work, the expense putting together an assortment of equipment & accessories, and even that signature smell that comes from our bag┬áthe day (or the week) after your last session on the ice. Back in […]

“Behind The Moves” book review: A unique look at NHL general managers

The cover of Behind the Moves

Can you name the only general manager in NHL history to win a Stanley Cup with more than one team? Probably not, and that’s just one example of how GM’s labor in relative obscurity in the National Hockey League. Players’ and head coaches’ accomplishments are well-known and celebrated, but how much do we really know […]

Super-charge your game with the Easton Stealth RS

Easton Stealth RS Grip composite hockey stick

How many times have you come back to the bench frustrated after having a golden scoring opportunity fire wide of the goal, or get a prime chance right there in the slot, only to flub the puck meekly into the goalie’s pads? It’s easy to beat yourself up over those moments, replaying them in your […]

Bauer Supreme One20 Composite Hockey Stick Review


After trying my hand with a couple hockey sticks designed for play makers and puck handlers, I wanted to sample something from the other side of the spectrum, a one-piece composite stick engineered with shooting in mind. So as a followup to using a Bauer Vapor X:20 for a few months, I’ve been playing with […]