Bauer to acquire Cascade Helmets

Interesting news in the hockey helmet market came across the wire this afternoon, as Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. has made a move to purchase Cascade Helmets Holdings, Inc. for $64 million, according to

Cascade has made a name for themselves with the M11 helmet promoted heavily by Mark Messier as being a safe option for hockey players concerned about concussion risk, and it will be interesting to see how the technology behind the M11 makes its way into Bauer’s offerings in the near- to mid-term future.

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How to properly fit a hockey helmet

Isn’t it worth a few moments of your time to help protect yourself or your young hockey player from a severe brain injury?

Chris Clark demonstrates the proper fit of a hockey helmet - snug, with the chin strap tight

Now THAT's a nice, tight chin strap. (Photo credit: 5of7)

Hockey helmets are perhaps the single most important piece of protective hockey equipment, but all too often, they aren’t used to the best of their capabilities. They sit too loosely on a player’s head, or the chin strap dangles far lower than necessary, allowing the helmet to fly off in the event of a collision, just when it’s really needed most.

So make sure to review the following video, for a few invaluable tips on how to make sure your hockey helmet fits correctly. [Read more…]

Spot sports concussions earlier with the Impact Indicator

Battle Sports Science Battlesmart Impact Indicator Chin Cup at Hockey MonkeyThe hockey or football player in your family may be too tough for his or her own good, putting them at risk of serious injury from sports concussions.

Playing through pain and fatigue is part of the game, and the drive to persevere is one of those things which makes team sports so special.

But after a hard hit to the head, there are times when “playing through the fog” can be extremely dangerous.

Sports Concussions – hard to spot, easy to deny

Your child likely won’t even know if they have suffered a concussion.

Even though they know they took a hard hit, they may not want to let their teammates down.

There are any number of reasons why a youth hockey or football player may want to return to action right away, and even with the most dedicated trainers and coaches on hand, it’s simply impossible to proactively identify every player who should be checked for concussion symptoms before continuing.

But what if there were a way to put a spotlight on such children, so they don’t put themselves unnecessarily at risk?

That’s where the Battle Sports Science  and the Impact Indicator come in… [Read more…]

Save 20% off hockey equipment with special "training camp" sale

Click here to gear up at Hockey Monkey!Are you sick of seeing discounts on hockey equipment that are only tied to a brand you’re not interested in, or are only good on clearance items?

Have you studied the list of recent best-selling hockey equipment, and are eager to wade in, but would like to save a few bucks while doing so?

This weekend, then, is the chance you’ve been waiting for! We have a great opportunity to share with hockey players to either replace some of their existing equipment, or load up on sticks & accessories for the upcoming season thanks to a broad, 20% off everything sale…

[Read more…]

Top 20 Best-Selling Hockey Equipment for August 2011

Click here to gear up at Hockey Monkey!Excitement is building towards the start of the 2011-2012 hockey season, so for those of you out there who need to freshen up your gear a bit, we’ve got our monthly look at what pieces of hockey equipment are flying off the shelves over at Just remember, if you’re not updating your equipment, you can bet the competition is! [Read more…]

How to buy youth hockey equipment without breaking your budget

An interesting discussion took place on Twitter earlier day, with three members of the hockey media (Darren Dreger and Gord Miller of TSN, and Tthe Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle) talking about the rising cost of playing hockey these days, and to what extent that impacts the ability of parents to support their kids’ involvement. [Read more…]

Can technology help hockey players deal with concussions?

Free Shipping Over $75

You can now buy the Battle Sports Science Impact Indicator at Total Hockey!

Interesting news comes this morning from the Montreal Gazette, in an article discussing a new product developed by Battle Sports Science, called the Impact Indicator. It acts as a warning signal for when players in contact sports such as hockey or football suffer a collision which has a decent chance of causing a concussion. [Read more…]

Is a hockey helmet really "just a helmet"?

Players tend to be very particular about various pieces of hockey equipment, such as skates, pants, and most obviously, sticks. When it comes to helmets, however, it just seems that in general, puckheads aren’t nearly so picky.

They should be, however. [Read more…]

Top 20 sellers in hockey equipment, July 2011

If you’re considering some updates to your set of hockey gear for the 2011-2012 season, and don’t know where to begin, this list of top sellers from one of the leading online hockey equipment stores,, might be a great place to start. You’ll find a little bit of everything here – skates, sticks, gloves, equipment bags, etc., for both the senior and junior player. So let’s dive right in! [Read more…]

Hockey helmet history, illustrated

One of the article ideas that I wanted to pursue when launching this site was to portray the development of the hockey helmet over time, as we’ve seen incremental progress from one decade to the next not only in terms of functionality and safety, but the “look” as well.

But it looks like PondRocket beat me to the punch! They have a wonderfully entertaining gallery of looks, from  the horrifying Cooper XL7, to those unique Jofa’s of the 80’s, and finally the modern Cascade M11.

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