CCM & TaylorMade’s new RBZ hockey stick available for pre-order

We all know the great iconic hockey brands found in every locker room: CCM, Bauer, Easton, Reebok, etc.

But TaylorMade? What does a golf club company have to do with hockey?

Quite a lot, actually, thanks to a new partnership which is really picking up steam, as you can now pre-order the new CCM RBZ hockey stick (shipments begin in mid-August), featuring technology brought over from the world of golf to “strap a rocket to the puck” as the marketing slogan goes… [Read more…]

How to save 20% on hockey skates, sticks, helmets & gloves this summer

If you have been thinking about making a change in your hockey equipment this summer, or need to load up with a few sticks for the upcoming campaign, now is the time to act. A new coupon code, only valid until July 19 2012, can help you save 20% on select hockey skates, sticks, helmets & gloves… [Read more…]

Zdeno Chara uses Warrior Diablo stick to win 5th straight Hardest Shot Competition (VIDEO)

Warrior Diablo Clear Sr. Composite Hockey Stick

Click picture for details at Hockey Monkey

After using an Easton EQ50 to win the 2011 Hardest Shot competition at the NHL All-Star weekend, Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara decided to switch things up this time around, choosing the Warrior Diablo as his weapon of choice.

Coming in as a 4-time defending champion, Chara successfully made it 5 straight victories by setting a new NHL record with a 108.8 mph blast on his second attempt. Shea Weber (using his trusty Easton S19) came in second, just as he did in 2011.

What will it take for someone to knock Chara off his throne?

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New world record set for Hardest Slap Shot at KHL event?

The KHL has issued a press release claiming that a new world record has been set for the Hardest Slap Shot, with Alexander Ryazantsev recording a 114.1 mph blast at today’s KHL All-Star festivities. Take a look at how he got it done… [Read more…]

Super-charge your game with the Easton Stealth RS

How many times have you come back to the bench frustrated after having a golden scoring opportunity fire wide of the goal, or get a prime chance right there in the slot, only to flub the puck meekly into the goalie’s pads?

It’s easy to beat yourself up over those moments, replaying them in your head and thinking about what you might do differently if given a second chance. I know I’ve done it many times myself! While hockey players know that they should put frustration behind them and focus only on the task at hand, it’s just human nature to try and avenge those mistakes. [Read more…]

Bauer Vapor X:60 hockey sticks slashed over 15%

Free Shipping Over $75 at Total Hockey!Surely as part of the ramp-up to the release of Bauer’s new Vapor APX, Total Hockey has recently slashed prices on the Bauer Vapor X:60, a full-featured offering within the Vapor line of composite hockey sticks. Some sticks are marked down as much $40 in this new deal.

[Read more…]

Save 15% off hockey sticks & gloves with new coupon code

This weekend only, we’ve got a coupon code available for hockey players looking for a new set of gloves, or a stick, shaft or replacement blade. Just in time for the start of the season, you can jump in and now and save a few extra dollars thanks to this special offer.

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Top 20 Best-Selling Hockey Equipment for August 2011

Click here to gear up at Hockey Monkey!Excitement is building towards the start of the 2011-2012 hockey season, so for those of you out there who need to freshen up your gear a bit, we’ve got our monthly look at what pieces of hockey equipment are flying off the shelves over at Just remember, if you’re not updating your equipment, you can bet the competition is! [Read more…]

Why you should buy hockey sticks online

Are you getting ready to gear up for the 2011-2012 season? Picking a new one-piece composite hockey stick can set the tone for an entire year, but in order to get the stick you need, at the best possible price, you’re best off shopping online.

Here’s why… [Read more…]

How to buy youth hockey equipment without breaking your budget

An interesting discussion took place on Twitter earlier day, with three members of the hockey media (Darren Dreger and Gord Miller of TSN, and Tthe Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle) talking about the rising cost of playing hockey these days, and to what extent that impacts the ability of parents to support their kids’ involvement. [Read more…]