Spot sports concussions earlier with the Impact Indicator

Battle Sports Science Battlesmart Impact Indicator Chin Cup at Hockey MonkeyThe hockey or football player in your family may be too tough for his or her own good, putting them at risk of serious injury from sports concussions.

Playing through pain and fatigue is part of the game, and the drive to persevere is one of those things which makes team sports so special.

But after a hard hit to the head, there are times when “playing through the fog” can be extremely dangerous.

Sports Concussions – hard to spot, easy to deny

Your child likely won’t even know if they have suffered a concussion.

Even though they know they took a hard hit, they may not want to let their teammates down.

There are any number of reasons why a youth hockey or football player may want to return to action right away, and even with the most dedicated trainers and coaches on hand, it’s simply impossible to proactively identify every player who should be checked for concussion symptoms before continuing.

But what if there were a way to put a spotlight on such children, so they don’t put themselves unnecessarily at risk?

That’s where the Battle Sports Science  and the Impact Indicator come in…

The Impact Indicator from Battle Sports Science, available at Hockey Monkey

Battle Sports Science is a company on the leading edge of the effort to help better identify and treat sports concussions in hockey, football, and other team sports. While some products, like the Cascade M11 hockey helmet, are designed to help prevent or minimize the effects of a major hit, there’s another danger in what happens all too often – a player “gets their bell rung”, but goes back into the game anyway, putting himself or herself at risk of even greater injury on a subsequent hit.

The Impact Indicator simply replaces the regular chinstrap in a hockey or football helmet, and features a light which activates in the event of a big hit, one which could result in a concussion. That provides a clear signal to everyone that a given player should be checked out before resuming activity. Rather than splurge on the fanciest helmet you can find, perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your child from sports concussions is to give them an Impact Indicator, the built-in warning sign which can help get them out of harm’s way.

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  1. Great gadget. It’s always a ceoncern in these sports when it comes to the accumulation of concussions. The risk of brain damage is real. Getting a better helmet is not always the answer, so this is great.

    Thanks for the product review.


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