Man uses hockey stick to fight off robbers

The New Hampshire Union Leader brings us an interesting new use for a hockey stick; fending off criminals who are breaking into your car: The homeowner ran outside and was confronted by a man believed to be about age 20, with curly dark hair, who had something in his hand and raised it toward the […]

Hockey equipment for 100 children donated by NHLPA

A great story comes this morning out of Minnesota, courtesy of the Hockey Wilderness blog: You have read several posts about Defending The Blue Line here in the past. We wanted to pass along some great news they have released today. DTBL, with the help of Brent Burns and George Parros, have been granted 100 full sets of […]

Where to buy hockey helmets online

Depending on where you live, your local hockey store may not have a wide enough selection, so when it comes to big-ticket items like a helmet, going online might be the best way to find the right piece of equipment.

But where are some of the best places to buy hockey helmets online? Let’s take a look…