How to tape a hockey stick blade

Recently over at Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy blog, former minor leaguer Justin Bourne wrote up his tips on how to tape a hockey stick blade, and it served as a good prompt to get me reconsidering my approach to the game. As hockey players, many aspects of our preparation become almost second-nature, so it’s useful every […]

How to clean your hockey equipment


One of the most consistent questions I see out there related to hockey gear is how to keep your equipment clean – besides the need to eliminate “The Stench”, that foul, uniquely characteristic odor which emanates from gloves and other equipment that has sat in your bag for too long, there are also safety issues […]

Need new hockey equipment? Save money, and buy in July!

The 2011-12 hockey season is really just a matter of weeks away – do you need to replace some of that old equipment, or is the junior hockey player in your house ready for some larger gear? Fortunately, there’s still time to order before things get rolling, and today I have special coupon codes to […]

Where you can buy the new Nashville Predators jerseys

With last night’s big reveal of the new Nashville Predators home jersey last night at Bridgestone Arena, the natural question people are asking is, when can they get their hands on some? In a closed-door session with a handful of local bloggers, the team’s Executive Vice President & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Chris Parker, […]