Why you should buy hockey sticks online

Are you getting ready to gear up for the 2011-2012 season? Picking a new one-piece composite hockey stick can set the tone for an entire year, but in order to get the stick you need, at the best possible price, you’re best off shopping online.

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Nashville Predators’ new logo appearing on t-shirts

Ever since the Nashville Predators revealed their new logos and jerseys for the upcoming NHL season, fans have been looking forward to not just the new home and road jerseys which are due for release on October 1st, but the assortment of t-shirts, hats, and other items which will build on the team’s updated imagery. [Read more…]

August savings on hockey equipment expire soon

With just a few days left here in the month of August, I wanted to share two great opportunities to save money on hockey equipment, both of which expire August 31st…

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How to buy youth hockey equipment without breaking your budget

An interesting discussion took place on Twitter earlier day, with three members of the hockey media (Darren Dreger and Gord Miller of TSN, and Tthe Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle) talking about the rising cost of playing hockey these days, and to what extent that impacts the ability of parents to support their kids’ involvement. [Read more…]

Can technology help hockey players deal with concussions?

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You can now buy the Battle Sports Science Impact Indicator at Total Hockey!

Interesting news comes this morning from the Montreal Gazette, in an article discussing a new product developed by Battle Sports Science, called the Impact Indicator. It acts as a warning signal for when players in contact sports such as hockey or football suffer a collision which has a decent chance of causing a concussion. [Read more…]

Bauer Supreme One20 Composite Hockey Stick Review

Click for details at HockeyMonkey!After trying my hand with a couple hockey sticks designed for play makers and puck handlers, I wanted to sample something from the other side of the spectrum, a one-piece composite stick engineered with shooting in mind. So as a followup to using a Bauer Vapor X:20 for a few months, I’ve been playing with a Bauer Supreme One20 recently, sticking with the same brand, and the same of level of product to get the best impression of the differences between these two models. [Read more…]

Hockey equipment sale offers 15% discount through August 31

After initially offering a 15% discount last weekend, HockeyMonkey is at it again, extending their 15% sale through August 31st, allowing hockey players to get an early jump on gearing up for the 2011-2012 season, which is rapidly approaching.

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The Art of Scouting, a Hockey Gear HQ book review

The Art of Scouting by Shane Malloy
Scouting is the NHL’s great “dark art”, a behind-the-scenes endeavor that acts as the lifeline for each team’s hockey operations department. Despite its critical role, however, scouts are generally kept far from the limelight. In most markets, fans would be hard-pressed to name more than one or two members of their favorite team’s scouting staff. Instead, draft evaluations typically are laid at the feet of the general manager, or assistant general manager. [Read more…]

IceJerseys offers 50% off NHL jersey customization

There are a number of new NHL jerseys hitting the market this year, and if you plan on getting yours personalized with a name and number, the best place to get that done is IceJerseys.com. Fortunately for you, they are offering 50% off jersey customization fees now through August 17, 2011. [Read more…]

Is a hockey helmet really "just a helmet"?

Players tend to be very particular about various pieces of hockey equipment, such as skates, pants, and most obviously, sticks. When it comes to helmets, however, it just seems that in general, puckheads aren’t nearly so picky.

They should be, however. [Read more…]