Prepare yourself for hockey season with an emergency hockey kit

HockeyMonkey.comThere’s a great post this morning over at The Trophy Mom, which talks about the necessity of preparing yourself for the long grind of hockey season by assembling an “emergency hockey kit”, a set of supplies that you will surely need at some point this year, most likely while you’re in the locker room getting ready to hit the ice. Of course, I’m all about helping you save a few bucks along the way, and if you live in a city with only a few hockey stores around town, it could be a lot easier to assemble such a kit online. [Read more…]

Where to find Boston Bruins hats online

With just a few days left until the puck drops on the 2011-2012 NHL season, Boston Bruins fans are looking forward to seeing if their team can be the first Stanley Cup champion to repeat the feat since the Detroit Red Wings back in 1997 and 1998. Previously I pointed you to a few choice places to find a Boston Bruins jersey at a great price online, so today let’s look at some options for Bruins hats: [Read more…]

New hockey equipment coupon code offers 15% savings through September

HockeyMonkey.comThose of you who haven’t loaded up on new equipment for hockey season just ran out of excuses… Thanks to a new coupon code that’s good through the end of September, 2011, you can save 15% off everything* at Hockey Monkey. [Read more…]

Recall Dustin Byfuglien’s drunk boating arrest with unique sketch trading card

Get your red-hot Winnipeg Jets gear!
Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien brought some unwanted attention on himself recently with an arrest on suspicion of “boating while intoxicated” in his home state of Minnesota, and the word that today, local officials have pressed charges against “Big Buff” only adds further controversy to what should be an exciting time for Jets fans as their new team opens up the NHL preseason. [Read more…]

Where to buy Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys online

The Pittsburgh Penguins enter the 2011-2012 season with expectations of another chance to contend for the Stanley Cup, given the returning core group of players who took it all the way in 2009. Recent additions to the lineup (like winger Steve Sullivan) are hoped to provide the complementary support needed to keep the Penguins among the league leaders all season long.

With the excitement in Steel City building along with hopes that a healthy Sidney Crosby will return to action soon, fans are looking ahead to cheering on a dynamic, deeply talented team – so why not go shopping for a new hockey jersey to start the year?

Here, then, are four great places you should go to find the jersey of your choice (including a great deal way down at the bottom!) – the ones shown below are just examples, so click through any of the pictures to head over to that vendor’s site, where you can see their entire stock. [Read more…]

Where to buy Boston Bruins jerseys online

Boston Bruins

As the Boston Bruins prepare to defend their 2011 Stanley Cup Championship, fans are gearing up for the new season as well, and one of the best ways to do that is to find a fresh hockey jersey. After all, there are a new set of heroes who have written themselves into Boston lore over the last several months – Tim Thomas by putting together one of the greatest goaltending seasons of all time, Patrice Bergeron by scoring the Cup-winning goal in Game Seven, and of course team captain Zdeno Chara, who hoisted the Stanley Cup and lifted the Bruins alongside Boston’s other pro sports teams, who have all won championships in recent years.

But where are the best places to shop for a hockey jersey online? It turns out there are a few really good options, offering a wide selection, superior service, and sweet discounts as well. Let’s take a look at 4 specific sites where you should do your shopping, including an incredible offer on authentic, customized jerseys at the bottom! [Read more…]

Save 20% off hockey equipment with special "training camp" sale

Click here to gear up at Hockey Monkey!Are you sick of seeing discounts on hockey equipment that are only tied to a brand you’re not interested in, or are only good on clearance items?

Have you studied the list of recent best-selling hockey equipment, and are eager to wade in, but would like to save a few bucks while doing so?

This weekend, then, is the chance you’ve been waiting for! We have a great opportunity to share with hockey players to either replace some of their existing equipment, or load up on sticks & accessories for the upcoming season thanks to a broad, 20% off everything sale…

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Forechecker’s Fantasy Hockey System free eBook now available!

Just in time for all of you eager Fantasy Hockey managers, I’ve compiled a free eBook for your reading pleasure, to share my experience from years of playing fantasy sports, and the system I’ve developed over time that helps me draft a competitive team that is specifically tailored to the scoring categories used in that particular league.

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What you’ll find in the eBook

FanDuel - Daily Fantasy Hockey The meat of this eBook covers the systematic approach I use to prepare for a fantasy hockey draft, because as we all know, performing well on Draft Day is by far the biggest factor in a team’s success within a given hockey pool.  That’s not all, however – we’ll cover:

1) The Art & Science of Player Projections: The goal here isn’t to prove your genius by picking the next guy-who-comes-out-of-nowhere to have a breakout season. Chances are, you’ll end up with just another dud instead. While there are some areas in which you’ll want to tweak a cheat sheet to reflect your own opinions, the most common mistake fantasy owners tend to make is overdoing it.

2) Tailoring Your Cheat Sheet To Your League: It doesn’t matter how the big magazines rank the Top 50 players; instead, make sure your draft rankings reflect your league’s specific scoring system.

3) How To Use The Cheat Sheet On Draft Day: Now that you’ve got your projections set, and your cheat sheet is fine-tuned to the characteristics of your league, we’ll walk through the mechanics of working the sheet on Draft Day to make sure you’re ready to make a savvy choice in each and every round.

In addition, I’ve included two extra sections to help get you prepared for Draft Day:

  • Fantasy Hockey Resources – a selection of guides, cheat sheets, and tools that you’ll not only rely on heavily over the next two weeks, but you’ll also find yourself thumbing through them all season long.
  • Fantasy Projections for the Nashville Predators – I don’t claim to have the expertise to assess depth charts and scoring expectations across the entire league, but I will share with you my projections on the team I cover on a daily basis over at my Preds blog,
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Nashville Predators’ new road jerseys caught in action during rookie games

After weeks of anticipation, Nashville Predators fans finally got to see how the team’s new road uniforms look when the Preds participated in rookie tournament games this week in Florida, against the Panthers and Lightning.

Thanks to @rinkside on Twitter, which posted all but the first of these photos. Just click the images (or be patient and wait) to flip through the slideshow, which begins with a side-by-side comparison of the old with the new:

[slideshow id=2]

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The conversation online was pretty positive regarding the new uni’s, they certainly seem to have a more distinctive look than the old road jerseys, which were so plain they almost looked like practice gear. We won’t get our first look at the new home uniforms until Saturday, September 24, when the Predators take on the Winnipeg Jets in pre-season action.

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We’ve also got some video of how the new threads look in action:

So what do you think? A step in the right direction, or do you prefer what the Predators were using before? Personally, I’m on board with the new look, but then again, I was never a big fan of the recent “Black & Blue” 3rd jerseys that came out a couple years ago.

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Top 20 Best-Selling Hockey Equipment for August 2011

Click here to gear up at Hockey Monkey!Excitement is building towards the start of the 2011-2012 hockey season, so for those of you out there who need to freshen up your gear a bit, we’ve got our monthly look at what pieces of hockey equipment are flying off the shelves over at Just remember, if you’re not updating your equipment, you can bet the competition is! [Read more…]