“Behind The Moves” book review: A unique look at NHL general managers

The cover of Behind the Moves

Can you name the only general manager in NHL history to win a Stanley Cup with more than one team? Probably not, and that’s just one example of how GM’s labor in relative obscurity in the National Hockey League. Players’ and head coaches’ accomplishments are well-known and celebrated, but how much do we really know […]

CCM & TaylorMade’s new RBZ hockey stick available for pre-order

We all know the great iconic hockey brands found in every locker room: CCM, Bauer, Easton, Reebok, etc. But TaylorMade? What does a golf club company have to do with hockey? Quite a lot, actually, thanks to a new partnership which is really picking up steam, as you can now pre-order the new CCM RBZ […]