The Hockey Players’ Guide to Black Friday 2012

Is it just me, or is Black Friday getting crazier and crazier with each passing year? Instead of launching sales in the early morning on Friday, we’re now seeing major retail stores trumpeting the fact that they will open their doors on Thanksgiving itself, to get the first crack at ravenous shoppers.

What ever happened to a holiday simply being a holiday? [Read more…]

Buy a Reebok Hockey Bag, Save Big on New Equipment

Getting a new equipment bag can be a nice treat for a hockey player, but how much cooler is it to get one packed with new skates, pants, and shoulder pads, too?

The mad discounters at Hockey Monkey are on the case this week with a special sale to help you do just that! [Read more…]

NHL Sponsors Begin to Move Advertising Away From League Due to Lockout

How are the NHL’s corporate sponsors coping in light of the current lockout, which has wiped out the first two months of the season so far?

While some are showing patience, others are moving their advertising spend elsewhere, including one of the biggest names in the hockey world… [Read more…]