Super-charge your game with the Easton Stealth RS

How many times have you come back to the bench frustrated after having a golden scoring opportunity fire wide of the goal, or get a prime chance right there in the slot, only to flub the puck meekly into the goalie’s pads?

It’s easy to beat yourself up over those moments, replaying them in your head and thinking about what you might do differently if given a second chance. I know I’ve done it many times myself! While hockey players know that they should put frustration behind them and focus only on the task at hand, it’s just human nature to try and avenge those mistakes.

Get with the times, Bub

Maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, though – it helps to have the right tool for the job, after all, and for many hockey players, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using the same stick over and over again, out of habit. Your game may have changed over the years, but are you still using the same old twig?

I’ve had the opportunity lately to check out the Easton Stealth RS, one of the premier composite one-piece hockey sticks debuting this fall, and have been tremendously impressed, it’s definitely a worthy followup to the Synergy EQ50. Easton provided a sample stick which was used for this review.

Put simply, it’s a goal-scoring machine that combines puck control, pass & shot accuracy, and responsive, durable performance in one surprising package.

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Love At First Backhand

The quality of that Multi-Rib blade really through showed early in the 3rd period of a recent game. I was pretty gassed by that point (my best days on the ice were 15 years and 30 pounds ago) and we were trying to get back into it, down 5-2. One of my linemates was fetching the puck down in the right corner of the offensive zone, while I waited in the slot. He fired a pass out to me quicker than I expected, and with a defender next to me I didn’t have time to take the puck in and maneuver for a better shot. So in one smooth motion, I sent a nice, crisp backhander up high that caught the goalie by surprise, creating a nice rebound opportunity that we couldn’t quite cash in.

While the goalie made the save, I was thrilled with the shot, which was much harder and more accurate than I would have expected. That kind of quality scoring chance just lifted the fatigue off my shoulders, and for the rest of the night I was jumping around like it was the first period all over again.

With a stick like this, you won’t sit on the bench regretting your last shift, you’ll be looking ahead to the next one.

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Acclaimed by NHL stars

And hey, don’t just take my word for it – listen to NHL stars Zach Parise and Mike Cammalleri talk about how the Easton Stealth RS has answered their every wish for what a hockey stick can provide:

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