Forechecker’s Fantasy Hockey System free eBook now available!

Just in time for all of you eager Fantasy Hockey managers, I’ve compiled a free eBook for your reading pleasure, to share my experience from years of playing fantasy sports, and the system I’ve developed over time that helps me draft a competitive team that is specifically tailored to the scoring categories used in that particular league.

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What you’ll find in the eBook

FanDuel - Daily Fantasy Hockey The meat of this eBook covers the systematic approach I use to prepare for a fantasy hockey draft, because as we all know, performing well on Draft Day is by far the biggest factor in a team’s success within a given hockey pool.  That’s not all, however – we’ll cover:

1) The Art & Science of Player Projections: The goal here isn’t to prove your genius by picking the next guy-who-comes-out-of-nowhere to have a breakout season. Chances are, you’ll end up with just another dud instead. While there are some areas in which you’ll want to tweak a cheat sheet to reflect your own opinions, the most common mistake fantasy owners tend to make is overdoing it.

2) Tailoring Your Cheat Sheet To Your League: It doesn’t matter how the big magazines rank the Top 50 players; instead, make sure your draft rankings reflect your league’s specific scoring system.

3) How To Use The Cheat Sheet On Draft Day: Now that you’ve got your projections set, and your cheat sheet is fine-tuned to the characteristics of your league, we’ll walk through the mechanics of working the sheet on Draft Day to make sure you’re ready to make a savvy choice in each and every round.

In addition, I’ve included two extra sections to help get you prepared for Draft Day:

  • Fantasy Hockey Resources – a selection of guides, cheat sheets, and tools that you’ll not only rely on heavily over the next two weeks, but you’ll also find yourself thumbing through them all season long.
  • Fantasy Projections for the Nashville Predators – I don’t claim to have the expertise to assess depth charts and scoring expectations across the entire league, but I will share with you my projections on the team I cover on a daily basis over at my Preds blog,
Remember, all you have to do to get this eBook is to sign up for the HockeyGearHQ email newsletter, and you’ll have it in your inbox within moments!


  1. Dirk, can existing subscribers get in on the infor?  Draft coming up in 2 weeks…
    Would appreciate it if you are ok with it..Tx

  2. Ian Kiracofe says:


    Please and Thank You!

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