Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Wallet with NHL team logo

NHL themed wallets at Amazon
When considering a proper Father’s Day Gift, a new leather wallet ranks right up there with the all-time standbys, but instead of just going with the plain black or brown, run-of-the-mill offering, why not get him something more representative of his favorite NHL team? There are over 500 wallets you can order which are emblazoned with your preferred NHL logo at Amazon.com:

NHL Boston Bruins Embossed TrifoldAt left, here’s your basic leather trifold, in this case embossed with the logo of the Boston Bruins. It’s available at Amazon for just $19.89 (and yes, they offer a wide selection of teams).

Rico New York Rangers Embroidered Bi-Fold Leather WalletA little further up the price scale ($30.00), you’ll find a range of embroidered leather wallets with a full-color logo, like the one at right (cash and credit cards not included, sorry). The nice thing about that price point is that it qualifies for free ground shipping from Amazon, once you’ve passed $25 on your overall order.

There are plenty of options within this category over at Amazon, so you’re sure to find something that works for your dad (or husband, or grandfather, etc.). So head on over and take a look!

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Hockey Gear HQ

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