Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: The Stanley Cup

It’s hockey’s ultimate prize, and perhaps the most iconic trophy in all of professional sports, so why not get your dad a replica of the Stanley Cup for Father’s Day 2011? Just having a Cup replica in his office or man-cave will trigger the greatest memories, whether it’s Bobby Orr’s 1972 “flying goal”, Petr Klima scoring in triple-overtime for the Oilers in 1990, Bobby Nystrom winning it for the Islanders in 1980, or something more recent like the Boston Bruins’ championship this week.

Mini Stanley Cup Trophy

One option is the selection of Stanley Cup mini trophies at Amazon.com (8 inches tall) which feature the logo from a specific championship team, commemorating that year’s winner. You can also find them at Shop.NHL.com, but the prices are generally 10-20% cheaper at Amazon for the exact same item.

Other Stanley Cup Items

Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Engraved Money ClipIf a replica sitting on the shelf isn’t the right call, there are all sorts of other items available as well, such as engraved money clips from OnlineSports.com. Right now they have ones available for the 2011 Bruins, 2010 Blackhawks, and 2009 Penguins (shown at left) up for sale at $29.09 each.

Shop.NHL.com also has a large Fathead wall decoration available for $89.99 (just follow the link to Shop.NHL.com and search for “Fathead Stanley Cup”), which can really set the tone in dad’s den, basement, garage… wherever he prefers to hunker down and watch hockey.

So this year, give the gift of the Stanley Cup for Father’s Day – at least he won’t have to grow a beard, battle the toughest hockey players in the world for two months, and suffer a number of brutal injuries along the way to earn it!

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Hockey Gear HQ

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