A Goalie’s Best Friend: Coupon Codes for New Equipment!

hockey goalie equipment helmet blocker pads glove skates stick
Save 15% on Clearance Items at GoalieMonkey with promo code CLEAR15

Goalies, we know you have it rough: you perform a pressure-packed, thankless job, are treated as the oddball on any given team, and on top of all that, your equipment is crazy expensive.

Well, at least we can help about that last bit! Right now there’s a coupon code you can use over at GoalieMonkey which takes an additional 15% off already-discounted items in their Clearance Section. This is usually the most cost-effective way to upgrade your gear, buying new items that aren’t from the latest model year. Let’s face it, that’s still a huge step forward from the 10-year-old pads or skates that you’re getting by with today.

All you have to do is go shopping in their Clearance Section and use the promo code CLEAR15 at checkout time to get your extra 15% off. Act quickly, however, this code is available on April 17 2015 but may not be around for long.

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Photo credit: r. nial bradshaw on Flickr