November coupon code offers 15% savings on hockey equipment

A rare across-the-board opportunity to save 15% on all kinds of hockey equipment and accessories has cropped up this month over at Hockey Monkey, so whether you’re in need of a new pair of skates, or a helmet, or are coveting one of the latest one-piece composite hockey sticks which have hit the market, this is your chance to take the plunge while saving big. So let’s get right to the details…

In combination with their Rebound Rewards program, Hockey Monkey has rolled out the offer code BLACKNOV11 (“Black November”), which, when you enter it during the checkout process, will apply a 15% discount to your entire order.

That’s right – as an added bonus, if you order on or before November 30, 2011, you’ll also get a $5 gift certificate from Hockey Monkey for every $100 on your order, so the savings can climb even higher!

Let’s see just how much this coupon code helps, when used with some of the hottest-selling pieces of hockey equipment on the market these days:

The cheapest way to get an Easton Stealth RS

Easton Stealth RS composite hockey stick

The Easton Stealth RS has taken the hockey world by storm since its release just weeks ago, and according to Easton Hockey on Twitter (here and here), almost a quarter of all NHL players have adopted this as their weapon of choice, and I pretty much raved about it in a recent review.

As a top-of-the-line model, this stick carries a starting price tag of $249.99, but with the BLACKNOV11 coupon code, that gets knocked down to $212.49, and if you’re able to take advantage of the Rebound Rewards as well, you’ll get a $10 gift card for a future purchase at Hockey Monkey. That’s a total savings of $47.50!

Save on Reebok 11K Pump Skates

Reebok 11K Pump senior ice hockey skatesAlways a prominent force on our best-selling lists, the Reebok 11K Pump hockey skate is the model of choice for those seeking elite-level performance out of their equipment. And as one of the pricier skates on the market, that means the savings which are now available are even greater:

That $599.99 base price drops to $509.99 after applying the BLACKNOV11 coupon code, and if you can get the Rebound Rewards as well, that’s worth an additional $25 gift certificate, a total savings of $115!

Protect your head, and your wallet, with a Cascade M11 helmet

Cascade M11 Hockey HelmetOne of the most popular hockey helmets over the last year or two has been the Cascade M11, championed by Mark Messier as providing superior protection.

Priced at $119.99, the BLACKNOV11 code takes it down to $101.99, which still qualifies you for a $5 gift certificate under the Rebound Rewards program if you order soon, too!

Act Now, Save Big

No matter which piece of hockey equipment, or which brand you’re interested in, Black November is the time to take advantage of this great deal over at Hockey Monkey.

And again, if you order on or before November 10, you can also earn additional gift certificates you can use on a future purchase under their Rebound Rewards program.

So what are you waiting for?

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