Father’s Day Gift Idea #10: New Hockey Pants

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Hockey Gear HQ

With Father’s Day coming up on June 19, 2011, it’s time to start thinking about that great gift idea for the hockey-loving dad in your life. To help you out on that front, I’m going to walk through 10 ideas over the coming days that will make this year’s gift so much more special than some new grilling tools or sandals…

Father’s Day Gift Idea #10 – New Hockey Pants

Bauer Supreme TotalOne senior hockey pants

Bauer Supreme TotalOne is the top choice among hockey pants at TotalHockey.com. (click picture for all the details)

If your dad still plays hockey, whether in a casual drop-in session or competitive senior league, I’ll bet that some of his equipment is older than you are. While that’s fine for things like gloves, shin guards and shoulder pads, that becomes a serious problem with hockey pants.


Well, because let’s face it, dad’s waistline probably isn’t the same since kids came on the scene (I know mine isn’t!). Sure, in his mind he’s still that dashing teenager careening up and down the ice at top speed, but reality paints a somewhat, um, more well-rounded picture. Why not help him out with a net set of hockey pants, then? Besides offering greater comfort and protection with a properly fitted pair, he’ll save a lot of energy in the dressing room by not having to squeeze himself into that old gear.

Over at TotalHockey.com, the most popular set of hockey pants right now are the Bauer Supreme TotalOnes, currently priced at $149.99 (TotalHockey provides FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75), with a wide variety of colors and sizes available. There’s also a sizing chart, so you can simply pick the right hockey pants by checking the waistband on dad’s most comfortable pair of plaid shorts.

Clearance Hockey Pants are another option

Easton Stealth S17 Senior Hockey Pants

Easton Stealth S17s, normally $159.99, now $99.98 at HockeyMonkey. (click picture for all the details)

If you still want to bring dad into the 21st century in terms of his hockey equipment, but need to save a few dollars along the way, Hockey Monkey has a wide variety of hockey pants available on clearance, too. Currently they have Easton Stealth S17 Sr. Hockey Pants on clearance at $99.98 (normally $159.99), and Graf G700 Sr. Ice Hockey Pants on clearance at $59.98 (normally $119.99). And that’s only two of a wide variety of hockey pants available in HockeyMonkey’s Clearance Section.

So do Dad a big favor and get him some new pants, OK?

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