Brian McGrattan’s Season, Perhaps Career, Saved by Cut-Proof Kevlar Socks

Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks
Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks, available at Hockey Monkey

Brian McGrattan of the Calgary Flames had a close call last night during a pre-season game against the New York Rangers, hobbling off the ice at the end of the 2nd period, but returning for the 3rd and finishing the game. Afterward, he took a picture and shared it via Twitter, giving thanks to a piece of protective gear which is only now starting to become commonplace around the hockey world:

Cut-resistant kevlar socks (such as the Bauer Elite Performance Skate Socks shown above) are worn like regular athletic socks, and provide a good degree of protection in the case of a skate blade slicing at an otherwise-unprotected calf. While there is no guarantee of complete protection, the severity of injuries that are seen from time to time due to skate cuts makes a kevlar sock one of the most valuable additions to a hockey player’s protective equipment, whether you’re a professional like Brian McGrattan or just a beer leaguer playing late on a weekend night.

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