New world record set for Hardest Slap Shot at KHL event?

The KHL has issued a press release claiming that a new world record has been set for the Hardest Slap Shot, with Alexander Ryazantsev recording a 114.1 mph blast at today’s KHL All-Star festivities. Take a look at how he got it done…

The following video was found at Puck Daddy (remember, the speed is listed in kilometers over in Russia). This attempt beat out last year’s mark of 110 mph, set by Denis Kulyash (video here):

Of course, the standards are a little different at the NHL’s event, as guys don’t wind up skating all the way from center ice before stepping in to their shot, which probably explains the lower speeds found there. Just compare with how Shea Weber & Zdeno Chara battled last year in Raleigh, North Carolina:

It will be interesting to see how things shake out at this year’s NHL All-Star weekend in Ottawa. Will the NHL tweak their rules a bit in order to give their players a chance to reclaim this “world record”?

One story to keep an eye on is which stick Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber decides to use in the competition. It sounds like he’s going to stay with his trusty Easton Stealth S19, although he has tested out the Stealth RS recently in practice, the stick which is pretty much taking the entire NHL by storm. Asked after a recent practice session, Weber indicated that he tests a variety of sticks at times, but doesn’t see changing up his gear as the key to unseating Chara as the NHL’s Slap Shot King.

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  1. The Russians shoot a little closer which could result in the increase of speed. 

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