The hockey fan’s guide to Halloween costume & decoration ideas

Halloween 2011 is just around the corner, but if you haven’t gotten your costume or finished getting your house ready for the big night yet, there’s still time – in fact, if you want to wear your hockey-loving heart on your sleeve this year, there are plenty of exciting options out there. So let’s take a look at some examples of great hockey Halloween costumes & decorations to get those creative juices flowing…

“Friday The 13th”, a horror classic with a hockey look

One of the iconic slasher film series of all time, Friday The 13th, features a killer in Jason Voorhies whose terrifying presence is due in part to the goalie mask which shields his face from view, leaving his victims in the dark as to who he is and what he’s up to. Always a popular option at Halloween, there are enough costumes available for Dad, Mom, and the kids to make up a whole team of Jasons.

And you know a family like this would be a lot scarier than the Munsters…

Take A Shot To The Head

A popular option every year is to be the guy who looks like he’s been chatting it up in the stands, when a blistering slapper comes his way and the puck lodges halfway into his skull. If you’re looking for some instructions on how to recreate this ghastly appearance on your own, eHow has some easy-to-follow instructions on the subject…

Pucking Sexy

Hockey Halloween Costume - Puck You

Click to check this one out at Halloween And Costumes!

Of course, no Halloween costume list would be complete without an entry in the “sexy” category, so check out the Puck You, a fetching entry you can order online at

This costume may not be for every hockey fan, but hey, Puck Bunnies are people, too! Besides, a costume like this could make a great way to mock the NHL team of your choice; you could play a gold-digging, bandwagon-chasing harlot who typifies that particular fan base which you despise so much.

Then again, you says you have to mock the fans? That model kinda resembles Patrick Kane rocking the mullet.

NHL Team Pumpkin Carving Kits

Are you looking for a fun way to deck out your front porch this Halloween, while also representing your favorite NHL team? These pumpkin carving kits available at Amazon come with 6 patterns apiece to help you make Jack O’ Lanterns showing off your pride in the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers, or Detroit Red Wings.

Kreepy Kids

Blood Sport hockey Halloween costume

Click for available sizes at Halloween And Costumes.

Of course with Puck Bunnies like the one above, STD’s aren’t the only concern – there’s also the risk of them having a terrifying little brother lurking around, the one who makes the Hansen Brothers look like ice dancers.

This costume, the “Blood Sport”, decks out your kid with a faux jersey for the charmingly-named team “Stone Cold Killers” in black, gray and red, a nasty-looking stick that would surely draw the referee’s attention, and a mask which tells you that both teams are in for a rough night. It’s also available at HalloweenAndCostumes.

So what are you waiting for? Act now while there’s still time to get these items shipped to your door, and put a little hockey flavor into your Halloween 2011…

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