Buy a Reebok Hockey Bag, Save Big on New Equipment

Getting a new equipment bag can be a nice treat for a hockey player, but how much cooler is it to get one packed with new skates, pants, and shoulder pads, too?

The mad discounters at Hockey Monkey are on the case this week with a special sale to help you do just that!

HockeyMonkey.comSo here’s how it works: now through Friday, November 9 2012, if you buy any Reebok Pro Player bag, you also get a 15% discount on any items in Hockey Monkey’s Clearance Section included in that same order (there’s no coupon code to remember, the discount applies automatically).

First off, those Reebok Pro Player bags are a good deal themselves. You can get a 40″ bag for just $29.99 currently, a great deal on a large-sized, reliable bag to lug your gear.

Next, go shopping through the Clearance Section, where you can find plenty of top-quality equipment options at marked-down prices, such as the Easton Synergy EQ5 Senior Hockey Skates. Originally priced at $659.99, they’re on clearance at $179.98 – but thanks to this sale, you get an extra 15% off that price, too!

There are plenty of other options like that one available – whether you could use new shoulder pads, or pants, or sticks, this sale presents a great way to make a change before the hockey season hits its midpoint.

And hey, if you’re looking ahead to the Christmas season, this is your chance to get Santa a Reebok hockey bag, and load it up for him, too!

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