Bauer to acquire Cascade Helmets

Interesting news in the hockey helmet market came across the wire this afternoon, as Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. has made a move to purchase Cascade Helmets Holdings, Inc. for $64 million, according to Cascade has made a name for themselves with the M11 helmet promoted heavily by Mark Messier as being a safe option […]

Does NFL Bounty Scandal justify NHL’s Injury-Disclosure Policy?

Lombardi 4

Don’t expect clarity any time soon on the NHL injury front. One of the more frustrating aspects for fans of the NHL, particularly at Stanley Cup playoff time, is the secrecy with which injuries are treated by most teams around the league. Even though a player may have been obviously slashed on the hand and […]

How to properly fit a hockey helmet

proper fit hockey helmet

Isn’t it worth a few moments of your time to help protect yourself or your young hockey player from a severe brain injury? Hockey helmets are perhaps the single most important piece of protective hockey equipment, but all too often, they aren’t used to the best of their capabilities. They sit too loosely on a […]