Taylor Hall gives Easton Synergy EQ50s to spread the holiday cheer

Three local youth hockey players in Edmonton got a special treat this Christmas, as Oilers star Taylor Hall brought them each a new Easton Synergy EQ50 hockey stick (with the Taylor Hall curve, of course). Check out the video below for the reaction, which of course includes a sit-down to play some video games as the kids talk with Taylor about hockey and how things are going for him as a pro:
Taylor Hall from Dream Crazy on Vimeo.

The Easton Synergy EQ50 stick is a remarkable piece of equipment (UPDATEclick here for my review of the Easton Synergy EQ50). Easton sent me one which I’ve been using over the last several weeks, and I can tell you already that they’ve brought me over to the dark side in terms of what a composite hockey stick can truly do. I’ve tried a number of different models over the years and found them lacking, but the combination of lightness, power and control that you get from the EQ50 can’t really be duplicated by a wooden stick. I’m sold…


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  1. Mf_gdesign says:

    What a great role model! Taylor was a great inspiration for the Windsor community and it’s great to see how involved he is in the community in Edmonton.

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