Top 20 sellers in hockey equipment, July 2011

If you’re considering some updates to your set of hockey gear for the 2011-2012 season, and don’t know where to begin, this list of top sellers from one of the leading online hockey equipment stores,, might be a great place to start. You’ll find a little bit of everything here – skates, sticks, gloves, equipment bags, etc., for both the senior and junior player. So let’s dive right in!

Top Selling Hockey Gear at HockeyMonkey, July 2011

The top seller in July over at HockeyMonkey, the Reebok 11K Pump hockey skate.

1. Reebok 11K Pump Sr. Ice Hockey Skates – Reebok’s top-of-the-line model goes for $599.99 currently, and has proved to be a big hit.

2. Easton Synergy ST Grip Sr. Composite Hockey Stick ’11 Model – Shooters love Easton’s “Shox Technology” that goes into the Kevlar/Graphite shaft here.

3. CCM U+ Pro Reloaded Sr. Ice Hockey Skates – Will the fact that Alex Ovechkin is leaving CCM hurt their sales?

4. Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet – Mark Messier’s pet project continues to make inroads into the helmet space.

5. Bauer Vapor X:60 TAPERED Sr. Hockey Shaft – as detailed in my comparison of Bauer Vapor hockey sticks, the X:60 has all the features, including Intelli-Sense technology which can change the flex point based on where the shooter’s hands are positioned.

6. Warrior AK27 Pro Sr. Hockey Gloves

7. Reebok 4 Roll Pro Sr. Hockey Gloves

8. Bauer Supreme One95 Jr. Shin Guards – our first entry in the junior category.

9. Easton Stealth S17 Hockey Helmet – I’m a big fan of Easton helmets, and use an S19 Z-Shock myself.

10. Vector Pro Deluxe 40in. 3-Wheeled Equipment Bag ’10 Model- Black/Silver – once you buy all this gear, you don’t want to just toss it in that old ratty bag of yours!

11. Reebok 8K Kinetic Fit Sr. Shoulder Pads

12. Tackla Air 9000Z Sr. Ice Hockey Pants – I use Tackla pants myself, and am due for a new pair after about 10 years now…

13. CCM U+ Crazy Light Sr. Composite Hockey Stick – light as a feather, shoots like a cannon.

14. Oakley VR901 Modified Straight Extended Shield

15. Bauer Vapor X:20 Composite STANDARD Jr. Replacement Blade – just don’t ruin it like I did recently!

16. Under Armour Sr. Hockey Fitted Longsleeve Tee

17. CCM Ovechkin GR8-OVI Sr. Shoulder Pads – don’t bounce yourself off the glass celebrating a goal without ’em!

18. Warrior Hustler Sr. Ice Hockey Pant

19. TPS Response R6 PTC Jr. Hockey Stick – if you really like these, save yourself some money and buy a 3 Pack.

20. Mission Fuel 120 AG Sr. Hockey Skates

We’ll keep track of this list going forward, and like I mentioned above, it will be interesting to see if Alex Ovechkin’s shift away from CCM affects their sales at all this season. HockeyMonkey has recently announced a Best Price Guarantee and 150-day returns window, so you can rest assured that you’ll be happy with your buying experience there.

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