Total Hockey launches HockeyGreen, a program to recycle composite hockey sticks

An innovative new program called HockeyGreen is being launched by equipment retailer Total Hockey, to get players to recycle their composite hockey sticks, and receive a $10 credit towards a new purchase. A press release today outlined some of the details:

HockeyGreen provides players with an incentive to recycle their broken and unusable composite hockey sticks instead of just throwing them away. HockeyGreen rewards customers for going green. Every broken composite hockey stick is eligible for a $10 credit towards a qualifying stick purchase at Total Hockey. Beginning June 1, customers are asked to bring broken sticks to their local Total Hockey retail store. In early August, customers will be able to recycle their old sticks online at and apply the $10 credit towards online stick purchases.

I look forward to giving the online program a shot later this summer, as I still have my broken Easton Synergy EQ50 hockey stick out in the garage, hoping against hope that some elves might sneak in during the night and fix that magical twig. Kudos to Total Hockey for getting the ball rolling here, though, it will be interesting to follow the development of HockeyGreen in the near future.

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