Upcoming hockey stick review: the Vapor X:20 Stick’um composite

After enjoying the use of an Easton Synergy EQ50 for a few weeks, it’s on to another one-piece composite hockey stick to review, and this time I’m going to shift brands, and shift gears to a more affordable option, Bauer’s Vapor X:20 Stick’Um. It costs roughly 1/3rd as much as the high-end EQ50 (at HockeyMonkey, the Bauer Vapor X:20 Stick’um S10 Sr. Composite Hockey Stick is $64.99, compared to $209.99 for the Easton Synergy EQ50 Grip Sr. Hockey Stick), but offers a number of features that I hope will provide many of the same benefits.

Will the Vapor X:20 provide that “bang for the buck” that may be more appropriate for the casual, rec-league hockey player? Stay tuned for my review once I’ve had the chance to try it in game action a few times…

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  1. Cool, I’ve been thinking about snagging one of those.