How the World Cup of Hockey could change the NHL forever

ads on nhl jerseys world cup of hockey 2016

Coming soon to an NHL team near you?

Will next summer’s resurrection of the World Cup of Hockey mark a historic turning point in the look of NHL teams? A report at TSN indicates that the NHL may use the tournament as the testing ground for an idea that strikes many fans as blasphemous: advertisements on team jerseys.

But recently, in the wake of the NHL’s announcement of the eight-team World Cup of Hockey, sponsors say they expect the league and NHLPA to be aggressive with its marketing efforts. NHL officials have said privately that they hope the tournament generates close to $100 million.

The NHL has informed sponsors that it will feature about eight categories of sponsorships for the World Cup, selling each for about $1.5 million. To have a corporate logo featured on a team jersey would probably cost about $2 million per team, sources tell TSN.

While the notion has long been out there that eventually money will talk and we’ll see corporate logos on NHL uniforms, most hockey fans still don’t want that day to come. Will this development affect your thoughts on buying a jersey for your favorite team?